Saturday, May 3, 2014

Personal Space#94

I’ve heard—a Traveler was moving through the thirty immigration lines at the European borders with two companions which were standing in local and less occupied lines.  He felt at ease, but he still had his conditioning about him as he protected every inch of the “space” around him from those seeking an advantage in the sea of foreign bodies.  “This is ridiculous,” he thought, but what could he do?  He must wait his turn along with the others which made, space itself, a commodity and an advantage for advancement.  So he thought.  It all came to a head when a Stranger stepped across his imaginary “space line”; his reaction was immediate.  First, arose in him the inner insult, then he spat the verbal confrontation.  It was short.  “Hey!?” He remarked.  The Intruder received the message and the Traveler felt truly in the right of this social rule—doesn’t every person on earth adhere to this rule?  Right?...You don’t step into or in front of another’s space.  So he thought.  To his surprise, the Intruder grinned while taking one courteous step out of the Travelers "space".  Then came the final gesture—he held out his right arm which pointed to the space as if to say “Pass friend, here is your space back.”  He never spoke a word as the message dug deep inside and pounded repeatedly at the Traveler’s pettiness and selfish behavior.  And for his trouble, he now stood just inches in front of the Intruder, silently embarrassed and unable to apologize, but he learned a lasting lesson that day, enough so that he shed his craving for external “space” for an awareness and understanding I now share with you.  Please, share your space.