Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patient Daisies#107

 I have heard—a woman so desired a garden of gold Forget-me-nots, and was then told by a friend, “Plant a yellow daisy with seven peddles alongside them, but you must be patient because it’s a long process and a daisy—“. “Yes! Yes!” The anxious one said, not letting her finish because there was much work to do; she watered the soil in preparation, tilled, and fertilized the area with caring hands.
After all this activity in the garden, one sunny day the red Forget-me-nots began to turn from red to green and their five or six peddles changed shape while growing two extra peddles totaling seven then nothing just as many season before.  After a time, the woman grabbed her ho, shovel and clippers and pulled out the daisy and replanted another.  "Now," she thought, "I'll start from the beginning."
After the sunny season, the friend came by with a few golden flowers from her garden and to check on the garden of her friend, she said, “Look, I was patient and again I have golden flowers. And you?” She asked, “You lied to me,” she frowned, “All my flowers are the same and the daisy is still yellow and I did as you said—I watered, tilled, and planted the yellow daisy alongside my red Forget-me-nots and—“
"Ahh! But you didn't let me finish," she reminded.
"Yes, I did!" She said defensively.
"I've told you hundreds of times, but you haven't listened once," she noted, "Look there, the daisy is afraid to change for you because it senses you don't have patience to care for it.  You see, the thing you trust must also trust you before change can happen, which only comes with Patience."