Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ip'id: The Tree

I have heard--Ip'id was teaching a group of young children; he explained how he was once a tree and a lizard before being in the form of a man they see now.  The children were amazed by this story, so much so that they told their parents the story of his life as he told it.  All the parents thought this was nonsense and contrary to their beliefs.  They argued, "Life is as it has been written and the way we believe." Finally, they accused him of filling their children's minds with lies, and untruths.  In short, they didn't want their children disillusioned about the truth of human life.  He replied, "Upon a solid and unwavering foundation which is rooted as a tree can life spring. There is no discussion over what is written with this rational."

Unmoved, Ip'id continued the next day to teach as he did the day before, but with another group of children; the parents who protested had removed their children.  When Ip'id received word of their decision, he decided to organize a class for those adults only. The parents agreed, still concerned about good and truthful education for their children and Ip'id's rational did make curious sense.
In the first class, he went around to each parent and described the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them when they were their children's age.  They were skeptical of his deductions, until he then described their then teacher, and of his mannerisms which stunned them into silence as he could not have known him.
The next class, all the original children were back under his teachings--they were please.  Ip'id was asked what he did to persuade their parents. 
He said, "I asked only one question; "Who can explain how I was never a tree?"