Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ip'id: Meditations Way

I’ve heard--For the first time, Ip’id was living without family in order to expand beyond 'mind'.  Still, at times, he felt empty and alone - what to do? 

For months his mind asked, 'Search for someone to help relieve me of this burden.' Ip'id tried outward stimulation but no relief came. Finally, he decided to leave the village at the advice of his neighbor, the one he made fun of. 

The old man explained, “The one you seek is down this road. Walk long enough and he will find you."  Enthused, Ip’id headed down the road until he grew tired and then rested under a rubber tree. As he rested, he asked a passerby, explained himself, and the stranger replied, “Continue on this road and you will meet him.” 

Ip’id grew excited and leaped to his feet and walked the rest of the day. At night he slept on the bare earth.  The next morning, he asked another passerby and was told, “Go back where you’ve come.” Undeterred, Ip’id did as instructed until he arrived in the village at the end of the day. To his old neighbor, he asked, and was told, 

"Yes, there is someone waiting in your house. Ip’id ran like a child into his house, but it was empty.  Just then the old man stuck his head in the doorway and said, “Ip’id! Are you going to sit there meditating for the third day?” Ip’id laughed as the search for himself began to end.