Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ip'id: Hungry Boys

I have heard--Ip'id was standing on the dirt road in his village when two skinny boys ran by, each with a chicken under his arm.  Behind them the old rich farmer was chasing them down. As he passed, Ip'id stuck his leg out and tripped him.  He fell to the ground in a heap of dust.

The next day, Ip'id saw the boys again with potatoes in each hand, followed by the rich old farmer, and Ip'id tripped him again.  

The third day, the same, only the boys were carrying bags of corn flour.  Ip'id tripped the man for a third time, and angrily the old farmer jumped to his feet and screamed, "WHY DO YOU KEEP TRIPPING ME!?! His face was red with rage as Ip'id stood tall and calm as if his heart were in the right place.  

The tired skinny boys looked-on from the bushes, and listened and wondered who this person was who helped them.

"Answer me!! Damn you!!" Roared the rich old farmer as he stared at Ip'id.  But Ip'id merely studied the old familiar face. Then he spoke, "Because I too was once chased by you as a hungry boy...but back then you always caught me."