Friday, May 2, 2014

Excuse Me#93

I’ve heard—a man goes shopping to feed his belly.  What could go wrong?  As he enters the establishment, he sees a woman standing with her back to him in front of the hand-carts.  He would like one to carry the few things he will need.  Therefore, he has no other choice but to utter the kind and traditional words, “Excuse me.”  The words floated out of his throat as if in song.  Still, he had not the expectation of what he was to receive.  He heard, “You couldn’t wait!”  She said with irritation.  His response, however, was not in kind because the immediateness of awareness was there, keeping him sound, alert and grounded as only firm roots can tender.  She stared at him as if trying to comprehend this act of sheer rudeness.  How dare he say, “Excuse me” in such a hot headed fashion.  He knew a response must be expelled, it was “important” he thought as he steps and stoops to gather a cart.  As he straightens up he glanced and utters warmly, “Mame, I had no idea how long you were going to be there,” and he moved on.  She was silent with the truth.  They saw each other around the aisles as they shopped, but the encounter was over, although, he would’ve liked her to give reason why she reacted so, but he already knew.  Perhaps there were things on her mind at that instance or any number of social distractions which fragment and burden our minds, body, lives and actions.  We must be observant to our expressions and reactions because we are not whole or grounded—we’re simply not rooted, therefore, were unstable and will react in kind.  Don’t let “excuse me” become an excuse not to be the creation you are.