Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dog and Cat#101

I have heard--a young kitten and a puppy were friends without a care in a small house in a small neighborhood. They were very content with each other; never wasting a moment on quarrel or reprisals. They found no reason for it, like those around them.  It seemed all the cat family were suspicious of the dog family and, therefore, were afraid to be around them, the same was felt from the dog family.  But the two companions didn't listen to all the negative barking and meowing.
Often, the mother dog would tell the young puppy, "We are dogs and we can't be seen with cats out in the front yard, they are our enemies and they smell.  Don't you see that?" she bark one lazy afternoon.  The same for the mother cat; "You can't lay and play with our enemies; they are pretty like us.  It must end." she meowed loudly.  Still, the young kitten didn't listen.
One long afternoon in the living room, the male dog finally had enough and picked up the young puppy in his jaws and took him away to another room, the young kitten immediately began meowing her displeasure which prompted her cat father to pounce on the dog as he reentered the room.  Oh, the fur and hair flew this way and that until the human owners rushed in the room to put a stop to the fighting with a newspaper.
The human, seeing that the adolescent puppy was missing, went in search and brought it back to the young kitten and again they were content while the adult dogs and cats remained at odds; each staying on opposite sides of the room.
As the human stood over the content creatures, he said to his wife, "Ya know, I wish the rest of these critters were born blind like these two so we can have some peace around here."