Friday, April 29, 2016

Ip'id: Lessons from a Cat and Bird

A baby bird had fallen from its nest, and Ip'id heard it's distressed call while he walked in the garden. But the black garden cat heard it as well. Yet Ip'id didn't notice until the black cat run past him towards the chirps.  

After a few steps, Ip'id saw the black cat had slowed; the body low to the grown, the head still as a windless night and the eyes fixed on a spot in the grass.  Suddenly! The mother bird dove from the sky and landed a safe distance from the cat, then fluttered as if grounded by broken wings. 

The cats attention turned, as a bigger meal presented itself at his advantage. Ip'id was captivated by the rare event, and watched as the tireless cycle of Life persisted. How beautiful - 'This is my life.' he thought.

Meanwhile the mother bird leapt as the cat pounced in a 'dance of death', and the baby bird remained still in the protective grass. Ip'id was captivated how mother and chick worked as one.  

And Ip'id, for a moment, desired intervention, "But no." he mused. "What is there to fear? And who am I to deprive the cat of the chance at feeding itself." And he walked on.