Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When "I" am not there#86

If the struggles and conflicts of life have never made you question our behavior and survival then you wouldn’t be reading this.  You have to be aware at some level of consciousness to be here now.  That is, you are serious about our struggles and how they are created and are interested in becoming more than what you think you are.  There is no reason to keep reading if you’ve never questioned awareness, conflict, social unrest and so forth.  Because who can talk to a doctor who has never studied medicine?  What’s the point in engaging them on their terms without study?  The same with awareness—this conversation is without merit without self study.  So you are reading this—good.  Then you already understand the title-work, what that entitles.  You understand the duality within.  Yes?  There are two entities struggling for dominance in the one body—one is confused and afraid, the other is the intelligence waiting to be free again.  So what happens when “I” am not there?  1.) When “I” isn’t busy doing what it pleases, seeking pleasure, power, addictions and controlling this and that.  2.) When the actions of “me” are selfishly putting someone else’s needs second, third and forth.  3.) When everything that is “mine” is being violently protected, fought over and becoming more important than anyone else, so much so that the “I” would inflict pain.  You see this, don’t you?  You’re reading this and there is a reaction within you as you make up your mind if you accept or reject this work.  You already know or see it taking place, don’t you?  What is happening now that “you” are not there?  Are you aware of it clearly?  The conclusions you gather as the last period is struck will unveil if “you” were in the way or not.

Were “you” in the way of the clarity and intelligence or were you contemplating if what is written has valor, a point, is silly, non-sense and so forth?  Is there silence as you read, no movement at all?  Or is there merely conclusion, a result, a decision of right and wrong or unfamiliarity?  You see?  So what happens when “we” are not there?...The “decision” maker or he with a name?  No need for me to go on and on, but when “we” are not there facing the world, that world ceases to rule our actions.  You see?  When “I” am not there…duality is not.