Monday, August 21, 2017

When Everything is Alive

What is a dead thing pertaining to you?  Are you a dead thing full of life?  Do you understand, not know, but understand and observe the content of life and energy and how it is wasted?  
  • Please, take no offense but we are all dead without true understand and observation of death- not physical. Be mindful because the ego will react defensively and say, “I’m not a dead thing, I’m alive.”  Why?  Because you want; desire, hope, are lonely, fearful, in love, needy, faithful, and violent. Are these things alive?  Are they free of you or are they now the content of your life?- Your house, friends, bank acct, car, insurance, desires, and beliefs.  Isn’t that all of you, the ego/self? 
  • Do we not accept this pattern of social life?- Go to work, stay at home, climb a mountain and sit in a cave or church, practice this and that. Is being repetitive life?  Still, have these things in life not become a part of the ego from an external source?...Such as from a family member, history book, priest, teacher, culture, police etc.  
  • Now, let’s say that in the absence of burden, then what?  What happens when there is no burden, no barriers?  What happens when we take serious steps to become aware of this death by watching and looking at our actions?  As we watch, do we not become increasingly aware of this burden of death?  Is there death in a babies eyes? Of course not because it isn’t, as yet, burdened with the idea of death.  
But while in the absence of death then everything is alive. What could possibly corrupt a new born? NAnd because it hasn’t been cultured and educated with death, it is simply alive, vibrant and creative. Observe the egoic reply, it's a dead thing and yet without it everything is alive; without fear. Go Live!