Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What of a Fly?#90

Let us make a comparison--you and a fly?  Wait!  We are not different, you know, merely creatures on a rock.  Only the ego “thinks” it’s different because it is unable to see past itself.  Are you better or different in anyway, shape or form?  Did you say “yes”?  Is your actions as crisp as a fly’s majestry in the air?  Is your vision in life as one in all directions?  Are you light in your “thinking,” able to sneak in an out of trouble like a whisper? 
What of the fly? 
Still, can a fly do what you do?  Is what we do of any necessity?  Think on that for a spell.  Is what we do of any real earthly importance?  Do you see?  Is what conditioned humans do on a daily collective basis without conflict?  Is making and having a baby without conflict? 
What of the fly? 
It has a purpose and goes about its business without a prying eye, without fuss.  Can we be so fortunate in our actions—thinking how to do this and that as the results rip and tear through the fabric of society?  Do we see in all directions as one or do we just divide in all directions?  Don’t we generally divide because of those desire-filled directions?  Don’t we divide based on how and which way to go in life?   
What of the fly? 
Well, whatever it does, it does so without conflict or quarrel, and all without knowing or caring that it’s life is only weeks long….And what of us on this accord?

How then…do we fly?