Monday, April 28, 2014

A Borrowed Life#87

You have borrowed a cup from someone, and now you wield it as if it was yours, but it is not.  Still, what is it to live a borrowed life?  Do you see this?  First, it is not yours, you didn’t build it, create it, mold it, give birth to it.  Nothing.  You did nothing to bring it into existence.  Yes?  What you did was only receive it?  And now that you have received it, you live it as if it were yours.  Do you not use the cup for drink or lend as you will?  Who will know?  Who will question what you do with the cup?...As you live, who will question it?  All that you are and think you’re going to be is borrowed.  Have you looked at it?  Have you ever question where “you” came from—not physically, but in the mind; this thing that calls itself “me”, “mine,” and “I”?  Everything within you is borrowed from outside of yourself.  What is your name and who gave it to you?  Are they not from your friends, family, knowledge, desires and all that?  Have you ever questioned where it came from?  Is it not borrowed from outside of you?  Is it not merely handed to you from an outside entity; parents, friends, history and authority?  This is merely the knowledge that has built “you” into the image you think is alive and functioning in the world.  Yet, living a “borrowed life” is a fearful one.  We become fearful with the unfamiliar as we try to relate to this borrowed thing.  We say, ‘How do I do this and that with it—it is unfamiliar?’  There are so many questions and confusion with borrowing.  But what happens when life isn’t borrowed?  When it rises within you?  Then what?  You see?  Where is the fear in our living when no one gives you anything and when you are born with it and “it” is complete and whole?  Yes, when we are born, and there is nothing to borrow, where then is the confusion, fear and unfamiliarity?  What is borrowed?  Nothing, for there is only calmness, vitality and connection.