Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Consciousness and Death#69

Imagine a world without death?  Would an old man or woman buy a sweater, need false teeth, go to a Care Facility?  Think of all the things in our society which are related to it.  Always remember; the mind is linear in its thinking process and one thing follows the next.  Therefore, consciousness leads to death.  Watch and you will see.  Yes?  You see, there is no death without consciousness to give it life and meaning.  You might say “Things die naturally because we see it before our eyes no matter what I believe.”  Good, but is that not the echo of a ‘knowledge filled’ consciousness?  Is it not explaining and justifying the world around itself?  Yes?  But back to the original question; what of a world without death?  Would that not suggest something eternal?  What is there to die for if it is eternal?  It’s contradictory to think of the absurdity of dying while there is eternity within.  Watch, how we die and it continues without us.  Think on this; the DNA within you now is that eternity.  Is there a need for that to stop, to contemplate and fear death?  You see?  In death, we leave “it” because "we" were inserted temporarily as consciousness and died while DNA’s eternity continues.  Do you see that any form of life conceived by consciousness is an illusion?