Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dust to Dust#79

The title of this work is familiar, but I've never asked anyone to explain their interpretation and nor have I been asked, but I'd like to express my interpretation.  However, if you follow this blog you know I'll speak as factually as possible because the title work, in my observance, comes from a very observance psychological and social awareness.  One my say it stems from a belief in how we see ourselves in a world of evolution as in we come from the earth, live and return to it.  I'm sure there is much more to say, but I'd just like to get to my awareness--you can find out what you want on your own.  I'm not going to talk of my understanding, because it's not that, what we understand, but what we see or observe in our actions.  We are born and from that beginning we accumulate information in forms of education, so called experiences, memories, fears etc. but then what?  Well, we just carry it around until we die or go to heaven.  Sounds simple, but that's about it, it isn't complicated.  Think about those people living naturally who tend a farm and raise animals and pass on to the next generation what they know of that life.  It's not a matter of comparing our lives to theirs because it doesn't make much of a difference, we basically do the same thing, right?  Don't we learn, experience and pass it on the next generation?  Sure, we do, it's how you know what you know and understand at this moment.  Anyway, I've found that we don't always express our potential as human beings, simply because we're not in an environment for "all" of us to do so--there are various social barriers put here and there and you know them.  This is why we must take every opportunity to express what we've accumulated thus far in our lives, spread whatever wisdom you've accumulated whenever possible.   By the way wisdom isn't education or knowledge in a traditional sense.  Why wisdom?  Because the next person you meet might need to hear it--if some stranger or friend hasn't ever told you "I've never heard it said like that before", "I'm glad you said that" or "I was proud of you for doing that."  Then perhaps you're being too safe, concerned about hurting someone's feelings (then don't and choose other words) or appearing weird.  Remember, there is always a small or big price to pay for being outside the social norm.  Let's look at it this way--whatever wisdom you've discovered, it isn't yours in the first place, it was given to you as a riddle in the form of information.  It is meant to spread because it is within us already waiting to be set free.  You've unravelled this information which is the "I", "you" or "mine" and now you've come upon a depth of wisdom which cannot be contained, so why not spread it at all times because the next person might need to hear what we need to spread.  Thus, creating a trigger in their search towards wisdom born from the dust.  

Learning vs Maturation

What are the changes taking place as we develop from children into adults?  Are we learning which creates change or is it a matter of biology/Maturation?  Firstly, the act of learning is relative to the environment and the expectations thereof.  For instance, a child born on the open plain with nature, animals and the raw environment will utilize 90% of its biology and the rest taught of learned from family.  Now the same child in a modern society will flip the scale to 90% learning and the rest biological.  Environments such as artificial and natural will dictate which is prevalent.  Also, expectation is a variable of the environment or exposure which is culture based.  What does the culture want from itself? It wants expectation of the present, its way of life, belief, honor, faith etc.  So in order to look at this question of Learning vs Maturation, we must remove ourselves from the process which is cultural expectation and all it involves or contains.  What do I mean?  I don't, there is not meaning to observing oneself, that would be the expectation of learning, an outcome etc.  What do we do as humans to observe animals in their natural habitat?  We observe, keep quiet, stay out of site, remain still and keep our distance.  Does this not sound like the methods and desired effects of Meditation?  To remain still in the mind and body, to still our thinking, step back and watch and observe?  Are we doing that with our children?  Watching and learning or waiting for an expectation via changes or development?  Again, the act of learning is relevant to the environment a child is exposed to and the expectation of culture, that determines if 90% of development is Maturation or Learning. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Whisper of Words (Just a Thought)

Remember, our words are not the actual, the fact or the thing we're trying to convey, defend, praise, worship, hate or desire.  They are the echo of hollow thought, which is, in fact, intangible to the mind.  This is why we argue, divide, fight, desire etc. because that which is falsely anchored will perceive a life of instability and uncertainty as we do.  Find your way past the dimness of words and disillusionment.  What awaits is the real "you"; the one full of enthusiasm, vitality, joy and energy.  But how do we get there?  First, understand the illusion of "how" because there is no promise to give for such a journey.  Then what do we do but look past or around the mirror to the other side and we see clearly the illusion or facade.  The mind is merely exercising its training--repeating what it knows as if on autopilot, as I've said even this many times before.  Same thing.  We want to see not "how" to live, but see if "how" is a reality--is it an actuality?  No, we only see that "how" is an expectation of order and control, with results or obedience in mind.  As we look past "how", we disassociate with its failure and illusion and while breaking this rule-of-the-mind, we break from illusion and the power that words have over our thinking and lives.  Enough for now.    

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Wrong in the Right (Just a Thought)

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Levels of Vibration Communication

We humans communicate on many levels; dreaming, daydreams, induced behavior, physical, conscious or unconscious.  Therefore it is irrational to think these levels are not in play at all times.  How else are we to function, surely as you read this, all levels are functioning to create the conscious level at this moment.  Only our unconscious mind divides into categories and justifies circumstance and situations.  One simply doesn't say, "I'll shut off the subconscious while I speak on the conscious level."  Just as the blood is intrinsic to cell growth and function; one thing or things feed another function or system.  I bring this up because I was observing how I was attracted to a women at work so quickly.  In short, she's loud, kind, sweet and open. From the first time I spoke with her I was attracted.  It wasn't physical, but deeper, beyond the voice, eyes, sound  etc.  So in my years of self and social study, I was aware and observed what that was or partially.  Mainly, at some sub-level of communication we were connecting; our words were coming out but our sub-levels were drawing us together.  This was before we had anything in common, but every time we get close, we talked and talked; I felt like expressing myself intensively, but I realize the act was our energy or vibration of our subconscious level communicating.  Like food needing a host-intelligence to function, vibration is looking for a connecting or like intelligence, not "me", but a force of equality, a balance or vitality.  That vibration in our cells gets excited, as we get close.  All so-call physical space around us is empty which leaves plenty of room for vibration, that is, if we're created the space in our thinking which transcends the body cell structure as it takes place via a meditation of sorts.  If you don't understand or observe what I'm talking about, watch as a baby or puppy finds joy in everything their eyes lay upon--everything in their being is vibrating with excitement, joy and love for you.  Watch as they vibrate with life.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Acceptance #1

What is actually "accepting" that which is being accepted?  Basically, we accept that which isn't a threat, meaning, a person or object that in some form or another makes us feel threatened or uncomfortable.  Right?  Do we see this?  We see someone, it doesn't matter who, and we immediately get that "feeling", strong or subtle.  You know that feeling when you're with your friends and another friend introduces a new person to the circle, after some time with this person you find you didn't get a vibe.  To bad.  Why?  You didn't have to, maybe they didn't either.  No harm no foul?  Well, socially it is a foul because at some level we all want or need (but we don't use the "n" word in conversation, we leave that to psychologists ) because survival is within the group.  This is a fact, isn't it?  What do you feel when you've been tossed from a group?  (My definition is two or more of you.)  We feel like dung, don't we?  We feel rejected, alone, confused, depressed, unworthy and sometimes quite happy.  Sure sometimes it takes getting kicked out for us to open our eyes and realize the group was making you unhappy or miserable.  Okay, lets get a little more serious.  See this--if you saw you walking down the street, coming in your direction, you stopped in front of you, stared for a moment and then began to talk.  I'm addressing this like this for a reason, no kidding, right?  But what do I mean by this?  You facing you, what does that have to do with acceptance?  Well, with a stranger or friend you're never sure what's going to come out of their mouth--is it going to end our friendship or perpetuate it in the moment?  We all know friendships, whatever kind, either extend or die in small present moments--you can be friends for 50 yrs and poof,  you're done after a few unpleasant words.  We see this just in divorce rates alone.  Back to facing you.  Now, since your facing yourself, you already know that everything coming out of your head is accepted, all the years of being with you have paid off, you can finally be with yourself, well, once you've found it.  How nice.  Do we see this?  The process of acceptance is always an action from within, that which is being accepted always sifts through our own image, ego, beliefs etc.  Do you see this?  Once the object doesn't appear to be a threat, acceptance is assured.  Selfishly, however, it's the reflective action of ourselves.  Why?  Because we are already accepting unto ourselves and non-threatening--there is no danger.  Simply, I accept I.  Did that go by too fast?  Try it this way--the process of acceptance is always waiting to see itself in the other person or object.  What?  Yes, that's right.  Because self preservation is the action of intelligence, not rational thought (that's too slow), acceptance is the root and primitive action of keeping us alive.  Because the human being will absolutely not accept anything (knowingly) that threatens it's existence, no matter how simple a "friendship" may seem, our intelligence will not allow it.  You do see this, right?  A friendship forms within the act of acceptance, which are reflections of yourself.  What intelligent thing accepts anything other than itself, now that is total assurance of survival.  Think on this--is it even possible to know someone...else?  (Sounds simple, but...)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Social vs Instinctive Survival #152

Many times these two expressions are transposed.  One might say, “But they are one in the same because we socially survive which is instinctive.”  Consider “social” survival is of the minds knowledge and history of culture, which involves methods, practice and goals.  Clearly these are based in the past/future to be past on through the generations as a necessary need or function, such as getting an education or knowledge in order to get a job etc.  Because there is a world we are born into, that needs to be understood, in order to function in, not live.  Living is not procedure—it is beyond limitation.  This is social survival and not instinctive by nature.  It is motivated where instinct is not.  As well, social survival is dependent, therefore, associated with the ego, progress, money and desire which identifies with the past and future.  For example; the Industrial Revolution basically began as a simple idea-of-progression, ironically moving away from instinct, and is now a pervasive cultural expectation the globe over.  And of course, underneath social survival, instinct lurks, but it is not consciously acted upon, socially, as a direct means of survival; things of the mind are.  We’ve heard the promises, but it is only air without compassion or awareness.  Therefore, instinct acts independently with the whole, keeping us alive, under the veil of sorrow, desire, and fear.  Instinct is a pure non-reflection of the corruption ‘social’ survival breaths, and, therefore, not in kind.  We see that instinct will never create conflict in the mind and world.  It is rarely spoken that humans are, like other creatures, born with all the instinct and wholeness necessary to live intelligently, that alone insures survival.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Multiples of You #150

Have you heard yourself or someone complaining about all the different problems there are to deal with?  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the reason.  Listen to all the problems coming out of a single human form.  See how a single body manifests countless conflicts in its existence.  In “conflicts” we mean “thought”, not merely aggression etc.  Listen how we say, “I have a problem.” “They have a problem.”  See how so many pebbles make up the beach?  You see?  The beauty is the beach, made up of billions and billions of granules.  Metaphorically, the single thought doesn’t makeup the whole.  We must observe this, and take that approach; there is only one conflict with humanity, which is divided by perception and expressed as individuality.  See how, I have a problem forms, as opposed to we or there is a problem.  One mind has a multitude of expressions.  The weight of this condition is heavy and sorrowful, as the mind tries to fix each problem with a set of individual rules, procedures, analysis, or knowledge; however, there is false resolution in procedures.  We hear, “I’m afraid of cats and went to a therapist and now I’m cured.”  That part of “you” thinks it’s fixed something, and maybe is has, but falsely as a comfort.  Still, good, because a little relief is the beginning of more.  But the next “you” still has problems with the world which must be addressed.  What about the financial “you” who doesn’t have enough money?  That fragment of you will now address that single problem.  With all this as the minds conditioning, why does it never occur to address the whole form/mind with one motion, as it were.  It takes a glimpse of enlightenment/awareness to cease the “you” phenomenon.  We all have this power, us it.  Just one step back as you ask, what is this process?  Wait, as you let go of what you know or believe.  Wait, and don’t think of anything, just ask the question without looking for an answer.  Because the answer didn’t create the problem, the individual “you” did, respectfully.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Level of Words #149

We very often find ourselves associating with a word, how it makes us feel, react to someone, view a region of the world, a religion, group, friend etc.  We react because the word has an attachment for us, some level of image which is combined with information and knowledge.  The ego does this as it associates and identifies with itself, as this process is crucial for it to stay alive, in control and relevant.  However, if you don’t like a word, and it has a nasty connotation in your mind, you can simple change the word and, thus, it's association.  Find one that better fits your understanding, this will broaden you, pull you away slowly from identification with this level of words.  Watch, the exchange of words will alter your image in others eyes, there are expectations that will crumble and fall away.  Be watchful, help them.  Words create distance and are painful because there are others in your world who cling to this word-level, it is a comfort and culture.  The identification is strong and inseparable.  So you have a different word-level, and you want others to follow you, and they do not.  It sounds easy, but the ego or image of oneself is at risk under the conflict of change.  Be wary, but you must go, for some will follow.  You must tell and explain, It’s just a word, not your life or your problems.  It is just a breath come forth, no more or less. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Unrecognized #148

There is often, under the state of unconsciousness, the incessant voice of denial within our association with “bad” or “violent” behavior.  For example; someone ends their life or performs an act of terrorism.  Somehow, we think we’re not directly involved in that process.  Note, I didn’t say, at fault, rather, “in that process.”  And what does that imply?  To say, someone is at fault for killing themselves or committing an act of terrorism is short sited about the unconscious state which is the conditioning of oneself and the world around them.  One might ask, “How does one behave under a conditioned state?”  Please, be clear, they operate on a subconscious level, unrecognized within themselves.  Imagine the last person that had contact with a suicidal person, was the one who, unconsciously, pushed them over that edge.  Had that last person a conscious mind, who understands the making of suffering, pain, isolation, how it comes about, then there would’ve been outstretched hands, an open mind, compassion and concern.  One doesn’t place blame when there is complete understanding, taking in the scope of human interaction, cause and effect etc.  It isn’t possible.  As we see how things are created, there is then clarity, understanding, connection and healing.  One doesn’t blame with this clarity—one helps, encourages, and educates with that wisdom.  There is recognition in ones actions, and those of others, which are the actions of humanity, the terrorist, the self-afflicted soul who’s willing to die to escape sorrow.  We must help them recognize the unrecognized.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prosperity #147

If it isn’t now, when is it?  We look for prosperity in the future which means the present is disturbing in some form or manner.  The future and past have taken hold of the present, turning it unbearable, so the future becomes an active goal or pursuit and the present dissatisfying in the moment which isn’t.  We have to look to the past to envision the future for prosperity.  In constantly looking ahead, we feel prosperity must come from effort, knowledge, through others etc. but this is merely reactionary, an impulse without self-acknowledgement; if so, on a superficial level.  Let’s say you want riches and better communication with family etc., and you look to the future for things to improve, why are we waiting?  “Everything takes time,” you think?  Why do we wait for the unknowns of the future when the present is alive with everything necessary for prosperity to flower?  We look to the future because the ego is created in time and time is never in the present, but the past and future.  The ego stays alive by never being satisfied in the present, there is nothing life-sustaining.  It must keep moving and searching for prosperity, it must identity with it as a movement because to stop searching and desiring means it’s death in a mind which thinks “everything takes time.”  So what is prosperity without each other?  Isolation!  Even hunter animals aren't prosperous without prey, nor the hunted without something to prey upon.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Change the world by just sitting there, really!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Absurdity of Us #146

Who are we to say we understand life?  On what level of consciousness do we respond?  And are we aware of it, this level?  Life?--we are still arguing about how to define it.   The ego does most of our explaining, making judgments and justifications of itself inwardly and outwardly as it pervades through everything it comes in contact with or not.  Ask a child to tell you about the world and then you tell someone else.  What happens?  We need only look at the present, how absurd this form of living is, how divisive.  A creature, such as ourselves, does all the thinking “about a life” and fails in this action to understand and observe it within and throughout.  Our questions, inquiries and so forth are evident to the absurdity—we lack the depth of nature, its completeness.  We’re unable to undo what has taken place with our thinking; there is no undoing to be undone.  For example; how do we traditionally stop violence?  The question is ongoing, as violence is still among us, ever on the move.  There is no killing or undoing an idea with another idea—what do they say?--You can’t fight fire with fire!  Can’t beat a dead horse!  So true.  An idea inside a human form is absurd, as it manipulates the body/mind into “thinking” it knows of itself when it does not exist at all.  That, in of itself, is absurd, that we think we exist, said the ego.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Flow of Water#147

What happens when we hear water?  Have you wondered what takes place as it slows us down with its calming resonance?  One moment we're caught up in our thoughts as nothing else seems so important.  What could be more important that what I'm thinking at the moment?  The things I want, desired and have obtained ideally or materially.  We study and work for years without any prolonged interruption of thought; its endless flow without a break or separation.  It takes its toll on our minds and bodies for it has completely taken over our living experience--falsely.  Then someone who's thinking of you, suggests a get a message. You walk through the door, and there it is, the fake waterfall in the corner.  As you fill out the form, you don't notice the calmness taking you over, as both your ears and other senses are connecting with a natural source, more powerful than the temporary act of thought.  There!  It has happened, the break in thought you've been looking for, which you didn't know you were looking for because "you" would never find it.  "You" aren't looking to be free or without your identity, but subconsciously you are awakening or you would not have accepted the invitation to the spa for a message.  You don't realize how tired and confused you have become in this world of thought.  Something is pulling you towards the water, its calm, power, vitality and raw intelligence.  The pureness of water, cannot be denied or feared, it is timeless and that which is like in kind, will come together.  Have you noticed all the sorrow with man seeking to control water?  Everything on the planet is suffering because of the simple act. Everything thrown in its way is under great stress, but it is not, it keeps coming and break through whatever lies in front of it.  You see, water can wait for the obstruction to crumble, it is timeless as is our connection.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Love Reins

Just a Thought—
The head is not the place to understand “love”.  Have you given thought to this?  Because if you’ve thought about it, dwelled upon it, meditated, scrutinized and so forth then you surely realize the futility of love ever coming to pass within the heads activity.  You see, if the head is a place of contemplation, decisions, confusion, rights and wrongs and so on, then how is love to come from such clutter?  How does one arrive at love with all this noise in the head?  Simply, put, it cannot, nor will it ever discover something so pure and tranquil--for that, one must look to the heart.  The heart is where all activity, conclusions, pain and division are foreign, where love is shared and spawns from an absence of confusion, mistrust, doubt and fear, where pureness is home to all that is within and throughout, a place of virgin.  No, the head is not the place for love to spawn; it is only a place to think about it, therefore, it will never be.  Only when the “head” sees and understands this fact, will it abandon its’ ideas of love and allow “love” to rein through the heart.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What of the Angry?

Just a Thought--
What to do with the angry?  First, let them be that, it is only a passing temporary state. Let them speak so that you may hear, not with your ears but with the vibration of your conscious being. That which is without thought or judgment etc.  Hear them as you would need an open mind in return, not a closed-off mind stuck within the perils of thought.  Now listen past their circumstance, not the problem creating the anger.  Remember, they are trapped within the confusion and delusion of themselves (ego).  In this listening, we connect with them on a human level, not an isolated one built on individuality.  We can get back to the circumstance later.   Help them to stop and watch how futile the problem is and confused they are but without say so.  Watch them come alive, we all have this power. 

A Man without Himself

There was once a man who had nothing to lose,
he looked to gain nothing,
He never looked back,
He never looked forward, and yearned for nothing
For the veil had lifted,
And from the womb came the light from the dark,
Those who thought they knew him, didn't of a sudden
They didn't understand, he had changed, they said,
He knew different, nor did he argue,
He let it all go
But they all kept holding on to him,
He lived,
They continued in burden,
He grew wide and opened up to them
But they didn't understand, he had changed
Because they couldn't let go of him,
Anew, he would covet them without the burden of Himself.

A Psychologist Said #146

The present human conditioning is a form of insanity.  Are there more people in jail or asylums labeled insane or crazy then those walking freely in the streets?  The ones on the outside would say the ones inside are koo-koo, but this is hardly the point.  What constitutes insanity?  Not many of us stop to have or care to have this conversation.  One accepts they are sane and that’s it, their behavior/ego/status have concluded “I’m not insane, others are based on their unacceptable behavior.”  But look closely at our actions, and one sees for oneself.  Our main obstacle is our conditioned state which is unable to recognize itself as human, whereas other creatures are not in question.  We readily defend it, but this is conditionally reactionary.  The world is a facade in which to function, not exist.  Therefore, we are given/conditioned into a reality we don’t understand or connect to.  Our actions are then a form of insanity, reflected in our destructive behavior unto ourselves.  Are you a “good” person, better than someone in jail, on the streets, a terrorist, an ex-boy or girlfriend?  Is the ego telling you to accept these things about yourself and reject others?  Look close, is that what you are or want to be?  Are we just talking to ourselves?  Isn’t that a sign of insanity?  People who talk to themselves?  At an unconscious level, insanity begins which isn’t justified or accepted on the ego’s level. A creature that incessantly talks, justifies, guards and needs to protect itself, is talking to itself, because the “self” is constantly in doubt about its environment, inside and outside.  That “self” is us, reflected as the present global consciousness.  The moment one realizes itself as unrecognizable as human, the insanity begins dying, said the sane Psychologist. JustaThought 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Negative vs Positive Emotions #145

We see a stream, is there anything positive or negative about its flow from where it comes to where it goes?  Even if there is death and suffering in the stream, there is no change of its content or action.  It remains energy, not a choice.  The conditioned mind will find reason to choose which (positive or negative emotions) are taking place within a given circumstance, thereby, limiting itself to choice.  For example; I won money, this is positive emotions, then I lost it, this is a negative emotion.  I’m in love, positive, we divorced, negative.  The thought, via circumstance, makes a choice which emotion will dictate a positive or negative response; it’s to my/me/mine advantage, positive, and when it is not, negative.  The body doesn’t recognize positive/negative thought, but it does react to what the mind tells it to within a circumstance; which is advantages or apart of my ego and image etc.  In looking at this action, we see how we want to believe there are positive/negative emotions to justify ourselves/action/point of view, but this is not clarity, nor does it remove the pain, anxiety of division of choice.  Observe, positive is just as divisive or painful as negative when it turns on itself—we fall in love and get married then get a divorce.  It turns on itself, this positive to negative.  It’s important to see how emotion can turn destructive as well as constructive, and equally so to understand its source is thought, circumstantially. As the river, positive and negative only emerge and divide when there is a blockage or divergence of its form, it does nothing to its content or source.  Just a Thought

Monday, September 29, 2014

Seems so Normal #144

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t lock my doors and windows at night?” Or “We don’t have curtains on our windows.”  I experienced that in Holland, as I walked through a neighborhood—the observation proved a level of effects pervasive throughout their society, which were limited.  For me, the contradiction was immediate, as my social reality rose in that moment.  However, to them, it seemed normal--I can hear them say, why would it be any different?  But my social reality/ego would say, “But aren’t you fearful of who might look in?”  Of course, they’ll say, “No.”  Again. Once in Italy, some friends and I wanted to travel up to our cabin, but the snowy mountain road and ice made it impossible.  My two German hosts and I walked to the first home at the base of the mountain—we needed to unload/store skies etc. from the car while it parked over night.  A little old woman opened the door without hesitation, heard our plight and immediately offered sanctuary four our belongings until the following morning.  My mind was so socially contradicted; an old woman alone, opening the door at night to strangers, wasn’t she afraid?  Thankfully, no.  But this was my world, where fear and violence are “normal”.  We can only react to the conditioning were exposed to, it would be a further anxiety or fear to deny this action.  See if for what it is, accept it, watch it and let it go.

Interesting, this old woman never had it to let go of.  It was wonderful to have this glimpse of myself, for it is now everlasting.  She made me aware of what I’d been unconscious unaware of socially, as a Being.  Think on that.  Since then, I’ve turned my “normal” into for her “normal”, without hesitation, concern or fear.  That is normal, to be without it. JustaThought

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just a Thought—The Cry for Now

 Let’s be clear, it is not your fault the way things are in the world.  Yet, we are a mirror of it, the perpetuators of it—fault is no longer relevant.  Sure, you didn’t do anything to cause someone to build weapons, have a bad attitude, hurt others, lie, cheat on their partner, believe in Heaven and Hell, go to War, justify a hanging by a court order, steal, hate, bully someone etc.  But who’s fault is it if we do nothing in the face of this awareness?  If you are reading this Now you are searching for, hopefully, not answers for whom to turn to, rather clarity of the conditions which are stated above.  You want to understand the workings of the mind which is you, the individual, the friend, enemy or lover.  You want to see how to function with these illusions of grandeur and self-delusion.  Because you see how dangerous we’ve become to our existence and understand placing blame is not clear thinking.  You want to help cure what ails us, to stop the bullying, war, thievery etc.  The Ego likes to think “Nothing is wrong with me” “I didn’t cause this.”  So, thinks the mind of the individual which is disconnected with the whole, unconcerned with itself and others.  “It’s not my problem,” they say.  How untrue--for the very words ‘Cry for the Now’, the escape, cure, relief, vitality and clarity of existence.  It is all Now.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Just a Thought—Cure vs Help

If we’re afflicted with something then it’s possible to reverse the cause by seeking help, applying those teachings to cure an ailment.  But look close, they are not of the same origin.  Be aware, help does not spring from a cure whereas a cure can help to cure.  It is finished, over and shall not return or was never there at all.  Perhaps the mind imagined it needed help, found that help, but it didn’t cure which is the cycle of delusion of the self or ego.  For example; if you lied to someone and told yourself to stop, are you cured or need more help?  You see the mind/ego/you will continue telling itself that it is no longer a “liar” but a “good person who made a mistake” and is now cured, but one is not cured if one needs incessant reminding.  There is doubt in this voice-of-apprehension or fear that it will occur again.  One needs more “help” in this scenario which is temporary.  So, one continues to remind oneself of how to behave without understanding/observing the ever making/circumstances of a lie or actions of ego/time.  To be cured is to live outside of that voice/ego/time.  Deeply rooted is the cure “help” is lacking.  In order to cure the liar within, we must see and become the cure.  How else do we help others to rise to this path eternal? JustaThought

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Coincidence of Aging#142

It just so happens, the mind is conditioned in a perpetual cycle of events; exposure, memory and desires of the future.  That is to say there is a beginning, middle and end.  I'm not an expert in Science, Medicine, or Physics, I can only claim the awareness within us to write this.  But it occurs to me, the 'coincidence of aging' and this conditioned cycle are synonymous in that the association with dying, illness and deteriorating health is at the "end" of that cycle.  Both are dying within each other. How is it, nutrition isn't apart of that equation?  If an organism isn't feed naturally for 60 to 90 years then the "end" is justified, the body collapses in this environment which replaces natural nutrition for artificial.  Now suppose this same body never had exposure to artificial food, air, structure etc.?  The outcome or "end" would not exist because where would the influence or conditioning arise from?  The "coincidence" is that the conditioned mind will always come to a conclusion with its ideas and images to justify "aging" which associates with those bodily and mind symptoms which are dying. The association is creating the image of what "old" is and not the fact of its own deterioration by the lack of nutrition or clear rational.  Nutrition is a vital fuel governing thought, the mind and body.  If we study something that is already dirty then the beginning, middle and end will be dirty.  Is it just a coincidence, babies are born with the afflictions of the old? JustaThought

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Long Life #140

We often hear "I want to live a long life" before understanding the quality of the living around us. To want this and want that implies it must be given to us by society at some point.  It is natural to live with other humans, this is not the issue, but other humans can have a negative effect on the quality of living, not life.  Living is action, Life is a goal or conclusion.  As you read this, you are living, nothing else.  Only when the mind is caught "wanting a long life" is it trapped searching and needing to have a long life.  Why Long?  What is wrong with a short life if there is no conflict, violence or division?  Nothing, because the irony is you'd never question a life-of-duration.  You'd already be connected.  Watch!  The mind is conditioned in a progressive state which tells us 'we're young and have a lot of life in front of us, so get started living your life.'  "Your life" is an isolating statement, meaning we're alone in our endeavors, dreams and goals, but look close, you're not connected with anything.  How are you going to live a long life without being connected with existence?  What's missing is life itself, the source, not the idea or goal.  By Life, I mean that which is unrelated to time, away from the minds delusions of start-middle and end chit-chat.  From the very beginning were told "you" do this and that, "you" better get started.  So now were running out of time which is anxiety while the clock ticks down on our long life.  The quality of living comes in question as our living is in to doubt.  Doubt when the mind questions is present state which is trying to figure out how to reach its goals outside of itself or ego.  Step back, watch, create space in which to observe 'life without time', that is your worry and sorrow free long life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a Thought—Individual#2

Again, how is it possible to be an Individual?  As we share this experience we often hear how “We want to understand how other people think” which is ourselves.  “How” others think is “how” we think—this is a shared activity.  Are we not sharing the same education, history, desires, sorrow etc.?...No, not on a superficial level where definition, division, knowledge and justification take place, but at the root consciousness.  Where we interpret and understand our environment in order to exist and function.  Why would “thought” and “consciousness” not be shared?...Because the unaware unconsciousness mind  will define itself as an Individual and keep its distance, and why?   Do many of us go into such a question to the end without falling back on our beliefs in defeat?  We must go to the end of the road to discover what’s there and not just rely on our belief of what’s there.  Yes, there are varying words to express a cultured past, yet the human experience retains a core which is the eternal root.  And everything has a single root which all things mythical and factual spring from.  If two individuals drink for the same well, do they both not taste water?  This is a shared experience, not an individual choice.   With our hands we dip into the same well, scoop the same water and quench the same thirst.  Sharing is not a distant thing; it is close, near, real, life and evolution.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just a Thought—Doubts Meaning

We struggle with the “meaning of things”, what they mean to us is how we behave, act, attack, love, desire, pray, die, give birth etc.  What something means is very important to our culture, race, nation, faith, afterlife etc.  We see this because without it, then what?  What do we live for and respond to but its meaning?  We believe it means something and we, thereby, hold on to it, secure and comfort our lives, but “meaning” is merely held captive by doubt.  Doubt that without it life looses purpose, direction and meaning.  How is that so without the image and ego first being eradicated from within?  Doubt has to be understood and observed for it to be non-existent or come to an end—there must be clarity to view and end to doubt.  What is doubt but a moment of hesitation, a thought telling us to reevaluate the situation, person, area, region, faith, god, village, animal etc.? There is doubt in hesitation which is an unrealized perception of fear which carries meaning.  We’ve all hesitated at someone’s features, clothing, race, faith, choice etc.  This is a subconscious response being played out on the conscious level, and cleverly disguised as well.  Most don’t look that close to see it rising from within or in others.  The egoic human being cannot function without a sense that a life fostered has direction, meaning and purpose.  Our present world order is testament.  But how is sorrow and conflict created?...With or without “meaning?”  JustaThought

Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a Thought--Content

Is the delusion of who you think you are, just that?  Are you who you think you are because of the collective content within?  This is a real question to be aware of because what if you have yourself all wrong or right?  Isn’t that the struggle for most?  To be direct, it isn’t a matter of right and wrong, but of identifying with “you” and who you think you are.  Is that possible?  Of course, because there is something more than the limits of “you” or “me”.  Take this test--when someone insults you or something you believe, value, desire or have, do you react?  Does the mind say something?  This is identifying with "you", the reaction is "you" reacting verbally or physically.  It really doesn't matter if it was praise or otherwise.   You see, something constructed on shallow or fragile ground or content will react or wobble in its foundation.  A solid and rooted foundation would not react because it is whole.  Are we satisfied with the reflection in the mirror, the way we look, talk, believe, complements and desire etc.?  Is that the delusion?—that we come to conclusion?  Example—where did your name come from?  It could be any number of a hundred thousand, but your parents chose the one you identify with—the same with everything about you—content.  And how is one aware of it without identification?  As we know hot water from cold--one must separate the two in order to observe it.  Simple.  How can something unconscious awaken from delusion and content?  A question is a great start because it expresses the awareness to awaken for ones long unconscious sleep with content.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just a Thought--A Grain of Rice

Just a Thought—A Grain of Rice

A single grain of rice is of no notice; makes no fuss, draws no attention until called upon by circumstance.  In regions of the world, it feeds many mouths collectively nourishing and quelling commotion.  This grain is often called upon in prayer, reveled at mass, meditated upon at its consumption and planting.  So quickly its tinier can pass—a once full straw bowl, burlap sack, paper bag or cupped hand soon runs empty and the search begins anew.  A single grain of rice might be the last of its kind, yet when buried in rich soil spouts its abundance for the hungry and deserving.  Still, the single grain of rice is often pushed aside where abundance lives; stuck to the bottom of a hurried shoe, floor, lying abandoned at the mill, mixed into the dirt to be buried forever in a stained dump site. Abundance gives rise to waste and neglect and soon the grain has value again as quickly as it diminished. A single grain of rice has many faces all over the world, but no one goes around collecting them one by one, day by day in order to fill a single bowl for a single meal for a single family?  It’s just a single grain of rice, right?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reconcile with Death#138

Death in the material is the ending of something the mind has grown attached to.  We think we love someone or something and become attached and can't live without it.  However, we lived fine before we were attached.  Interesting.  We find something to live with and realize as we want more than what it is after a time, then we suddenly can't live without it as it departs.  The ego is temporary, you see, it is quickly bored and troubled by its acceptance of the artificially structured which is what it is. A structure which will at some time die to be reborn with someone or something else.  Everyone has a friend or thing that is no more in their lives.  We had a friend or thing that was supposed to last for every--that's how we felt when it happened upon us.  It was never supposed to be replaced, we have grown attached to it, invested money, time and plans.  But no matter how much we loved, argued and prayed for its resuscitation in our lives, it passed away into the dark of day.  Stop!  Do we put as much effort in putting to death the minds ego body as we do acquiring this death?  Are we aware we're attracting death in our lives?  Watch what is hurting, harming, polluting, threatening, delusion, conflict etc. and you see them--death.  You quickly see and reject them in others, but the ego won't let us see them in ourselves, that's them not me.  Not "me" the creator of this death.  Once we reconcile with death, meaning to see how we acquire the fuel for the flame of death we've made a movement towards its destruction.  Just seeing it, is the beginning of that death without the conflict and sorrow. Rest is assured, as you will live on with an easy about you without the company of death. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Modern Relationship#15

Just a Thought—
I have an issue with the ‘modern relationship’ which cripples me from getting into them as much as I would like to.  That sounds vague, but let me explain.  Let’s say I live in a village or farm and have never known a ‘modern relationship’, what is that relationship then?  What is a relationship when all of our egotistical and socially esoteric views are non-existent or non-licet in the relationship?  We see there are no motivations towards monopolizing property, seeking money, success, power, comfort, desire, religions etc. to the extent we retaliate on each other if the relationship struggles or ends.  Of course, these traditional forms are quietly in the village as well, but of a non-coercive nature—those nature based traditions of culture don’t consume the village and spread. However, in contrast, the ‘modern relationship’ has become poisonous with competition; where rules, tradition, expectation and desire override the long-term basic human dignity.  That’s the making of a deal, not a lasting relationship of trust.  A village relationship is simple and direct where a cow has more value than the making of the relationship, the land, air and sky as well.  Where all assumptions of a relationship are foreign and never in danger of being spoken--they just are.  JustaThought2go

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Solid Footing#14

Just a Thought—
Does it occur during our daily routines, if our concept and understanding of the world we have created is on solid ground?  Is it stable?  We live the violence and conflict.  Is it rooted and grounded as not to topple over or become unstable?  Because what is the root of society?  From what origin do our actions spring?...Ideals, fear, stagnation, progress or faith?  Whatever we call it, it’s between our ears, a function of the mind or brain.  Yes? Does it matter what we call it? Not at all, because no matter, we fundamentally respond and believe in it to some extent or we cannot function during the day.  Are we then observant and aware of how fear is the main cause of the fluctuation in our actions?—one minute it is good, acceptable and the next wrong and rejected.  This action happens millions of times a day.  You see, when billions of people make a decisions at the same time, it becomes a phenomenon, like going to work and all the traffic, looking for food etc.  We live and function this way; it’s very simple, almost childlike, but still a form of reality.  Still, thought, can we say our lives are in a solid, grounded or firmly rooted reality?  Because we have to wonder that thought, which is transferred from one person to another and constantly moving, does it not lead to instability?...Like a boat on the restless ocean?  JustaThought2go

A System of Science#136

Science is a systematic study of elements which seems to struggle with the most basic incident, that which is fact and truth.  Which is which requires a look past mere definition or past achievements. We see that Truth is historically man-made, power, coercive, corrupt, controlling and very illusive in that realm.  What peaceful motivation comes from this?  One must ask if Science works on an unbiased level of openness, or rooted in fact?  This is poignant to see.  Many times we rush to stand behind our sense of truth and what it means to us, not what it is and whence it comes.  We hear that fact is often coupled with truth--they do not come from each other.  The fact is, the ground is hard, it can, thereby, be called a truth but not the other way around for then it initiates from a corrupt place and never grows into a fact.  Fact stands alone, is rooted in something as illusive as the beginning to a circle, therefore uncoverable as Science struggles to prove.  Science has its place but for only a select few, not the whole. The difficulty with science lies in its self-induced interpretations of truth and fact and its underlying goal for power.  If there are those who see clearly and observantly the nature of fact from truth then the reply to this will show a cooperation with the whole and not an antagonistic view.  JustaThought2go

Absence of Thought#13

Just a Thought--
Suppose the thing that "thinks" it thinks isn't there guiding you through your life; making choices, decisions, remarks, forming habits etc.  What if all that you are, all you've accumulated, desired, regretted, wished etc. was absent?  What has taken place if one day you awoke to this spaciousness of mind?  What happened?  It would appear all of your questions and self-study have revealed the facts unto yourself.  You have pierced the darkness laden thoughts we are plagued with to transcend from Observed to Observer.  Your fears of this and that have revealed a total fear, not fragments as you once believed.  You suddenly understand a bad man or woman, a child can now be tolerated, you understand the terrorist, the thief, power, desire, God, Love, illusion etc.  Now what?  Nothing, you continue as before; questioning, letting go of the origins of your search, letting go of reaction, your past self.  Now you are not alone, and there is no more noise.  Finally, forever.  JustaThought2go

Friday, August 29, 2014

Echos of Thought#11

Just a Thought--
Whatever you think is violent, ugly, conflict, division, fearful, unwanted, bad, creepy, scary, isolated, unnerving, in bad taste, deafening, repulsive, detested, nasty, stupid, filthy, etc.  Remember, these traits are mere echos of thought turned into images.  Do not fear them, for they now are at rest in our friends, family members, strangers or ourselves.  Identify with them because at any moment they may rise to the surface and challenge your understanding of them.  Do not fear them for they are in your brother and sister of human kind.  Be aware, it is better to see them in the light of understanding then to have them visit in our darkest hour.  JustaThought

No Individualism#10

Just a Thought-- 
How can I possible come up with the observance that we are not the "individuals" we think we are?  How can this possibly be such a social and individual concept and excepted rational?  Of what purpose is it doing us socially to see ourselves unique to the variables of human conditioning?  Think of it--have you every questioned it or have you always defended a belief or value?  Ask yourself now.  It's never too late to start.  And who does one go to for approval of individuality?  See it this way--if you're reading this you learned English via those who already read, wrote and spoke it.  Now, its clear we share this social method of convey information via teaching, then how is it possible "Individuality" did NOT follow this same path?  When we're aware of this fact, our "I" world becomes our "we" world.  Just a Thought

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Observant#9

Just a Thought--
How observant are we?  As you converse with family and friends, are you and they aware of the present?  Yes, what is happening is "present", but are we aware of the distance between what we say and it's social reality? For instance; are we living what we say or just saying it?  It's a big question, I know, but in the moment as you talk, this distance can be realized without knowledge or belief etc.  But just by understanding the creation of illusions. If you could see how you were being fooled or tricked by someone, wouldn't you avoid it?  Sure you would, you'd probably call them on it immediately, but we can only avoid it if we understand disillusionment because illusions come and take hold silently and in disguise within friendships and family without that intent. It can be like spotting someone in the dark who you think is a friend, one is never sure until there is light.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hearing Freedom#135

Have you witnessed a mind that is free of itself?  Free of all that is confusing, sorrowful, desirous, hateful, faithful and so forth?  It is something we can hear as someone speaks?  How is it heard?  You’ve heard a Preacher speak without actually seeing them—there are words, phrases and a tone in which to identify with.  What might we say when we hear it depends on ones ongoing discoveries as you function and question from day to day. What happens in that moment as you hear it?  We must be watchful and sensitive.  Does it not find its way down to the center of you which is everywhere?  We readily hear the voice of acceptance but not the voice of rejection.  Do we see how we block one and not the other?  If one is to hear freedom one must simple let them both flow without manipulation.  Simply identify with them.  Is this not an action of connection, a coming together and a moment of eternity?  One must be watching in order for it to flow within and throughout--there can't be a hindrance, judgment or barriers of any form.  So often we hear and retain all the noise of thoughts decisions, rights and wrongs and fail to hear with clarity freedoms silent song.  It is there.  It is like blocking a stream to limit its power, vitality and purpose; we are no different. We are blocked and can no longer witness or hear freedom--it is all around us.  Look at a baby--is that not total freedom?  They are pure clarity as they watch and take-in everything around them.  Listen, for there are clear distinctions upon the arrival of a connection—first it must be sought after and second recognized.  It will not come to us.  Listen.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a Poem--"This Newness"

There is a light in the sky of existence,
Abound in this abode of life,
Abundant in its trickery and folly
As quick as the star racing across the false sky,
A flicker of nothing in the internal abyss,
What to do in such empty space?
What to do with the newness, this foreignness of life?
The heart is wounded on this rare path,
Confusion a menace as we run as if owed a dept,
See our this newness.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Foreign is a Word #134

What are words but a tool in which to use to express our inner conflicts and desires?  They crawl around our minds moving back and forth with every social situation possible.  And in that moment they elude to an image or concept of a human functioning in a given environment.  How are they practical in nature?  Of what use are they among the trees, rivers, mountains and landscape?  Who wants to talk in such beauty and tranquility? On the contrary, the mind is looking to connect, and remain still while it seeks, oh, but for a moment, to simulate with its surroundings.  This is not a moment or a space that needs to be filled with noise and contemplation.  No.  Of what use are words if they cannot capture such a rich silence, vitality and quiet abode?  Words have their practical use as now as you read, but they can strike fear with a single blow as cancer, Aids, power, death, taxes, etc.  Yet they have the power, the power of influence, to persuade those in conflict and sorrow back to where the river runs clear and clean, back where there is acceptance in exchange for isolation.  Let us not be fooled, words cannot heal, yes, they can shift us this way and that, but they cannot cleanse that which is stained--yes surely they are a guide out, much like a farmer uses a plow in the fields.  The more he uses it, the more he is fed, but he is not cured of hunger.  Foreign are words in this organic form, still when sharpened they are a fine tool to get "out" of the things we're "in".

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Image vs a Doctor

Just a Thought—
Someone at work was expressing how her daughter could have died based on the medical advice of a doctor, and so it happened the second doctors’ opinion saved her life.  This was the second time her one yr old daughter was taken in; the first doctor diagnosed the Flu on the first visit while the second said it was her appendix on the second trip—she’d been crying with a high fever for a couple of days.  The second doctor added, “If you don’t take her to Urgent Care now, she won’t be here tomorrow.”  She did.  But the question is not our reliance on forms of authority, but the awareness that behind the image is the human of which we lean heavily on their words or advice.  I’ve found the irritation comes as we remain reliant on their image and believe they’re not supposed to make mistakes.  That is not rational.  This is our disillusionment associated with the image which is embodied within the human; we treat the Police and Politicians the same way.  “Rational” is seeing the importance of observing that their image is false and the human is real and once this is clear we slowly begin to react and prepare ourselves mentally for a relationship in society with a human and have find less reliance on the image.

To Facilitate Ideas

Just a Thought—
How does one facilitate ideals?  No one has ever asked this question of me and now I ask it of you.  For example, people think they are “in love”, this idea, how does it come to life?  How do we live it?  Yes, we readily say it, wish for it and “think” we’re in it, but if we’re unaware of its creation, how we came to accept, understand and express it outwardly towards another then how does it come to life?  You see, if for all our lives we’ve just been thinking, talking, arguing, wishing, desiring, hating etc. about the “idea” of love then we’ve only been distracted from it and not directly in contact with it.  Is love a distraction?  One might agree positively if the circumstances of justification fall into place, but a distraction is social so one must see past circumstance to go beyond a “personal” form of love.  So, we need to be in contact with it and observe how it is facilitated between each other.  Surely we just don’t want to think about it because it then lies dormant with no place to go.  It is quite revealing to find out what something is factually to see what it is not practically.

Change is a Constant #133

Is evolution in a constant flow?...Constantly expressing itself in a harmonious balance regardless of what the human mind conjures and believes what "change" is?  This distinction is important to note and observe as it is direct contradiction with the other.  Evolution itself includes humans as all creation is, yet the mind settles and believes in "change" as a conclusion or end state.  One might hear, 'This is how to do this and that.'  'It is tradition, culture, our group, nation or families way of living and doing things.'  Don't we stand by and even defend "our way" of doing things?...Living the way we do culturally and nationally etc.?  How is "change" a stance or conclusion?  It implies being or isolation in a fixed state or place which is the mind in this case.  It is the act of holding on, wanting to remain there in a form of isolation, but this is a contradiction to a flow.  Have you ever heard?--"I going to change my life; I'm going to stop eating junk food."  This is an isolated statement and has nothing to do harmony and balance, therefore, is not long term change or everlasting.  A flow is constantly in motion and moving in a harmonious and balanced expression regardless of what one believes.  It is like standing next to a stream, one looks upstream and there is no beginning, one looks down stream and sees no end--a constant.  We see the state of the world but how does one come upon a solution or cure without some form of travel, journey, exploration and discovery?  One must leave the comfort and security of isolation, stance, tradition etc. in order to find relief from this bondage, and note, the exploration does NOT require the end to those comforts and values.  We don't have to stop living our value to maintain a flow in our lives.  Step into the stream and find out why.  I can't tell you "how" that is a fact, one must journey for themselves to find the truth in it, and in doing so the world will become important enough to save when we step into the "constant flow of change."    

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Way Out #132

What is most crucial about the way out of something is how we came to be "in" something.  Isn't it?  Especially if that something is conflict, fear and sorrow-filled.  Don't we want to find the way out of these types of situations and help others avoid it?  There is violence somewhere everyday during the day and night, people are starving, on drugs, at war, hating, wanting etc.  We see this all the time at home, at the neighbors on television etc.  Don't we want a way out?  But all to often it is rare to happen upon someone who begins asking "How did this all come about?"  "What is the origin of this behavior?"  I ask this because we don't actually say that; it actually sounds more like "What's wrong with people?" Why don't they just do what's right."  Such statements are merely calling for a continuum of one's present comforts, security and desire, they call for conformity, obedience and tradition.  If we listen we hear no direct connection with what is taking place, it is at a distant, unfamiliar, threatening, hated or misunderstood, in short.  But what then is the "way out?"  Is it not the "way in?"  Basically, if one has a fight with someone, don't we look at why it started in the first place and try an avoid it the next time?  In doing so, we are able to observe how we got "in" conflict and find a "way out" of it.  Make no mistake, this state we're in is that confusion we seek "out" of where people are wrong and misunderstood.  So isn't asking a question the beginning of seeking the "way out"?  Not ending ones life; this is tragic and a variable of results of those who never found or sought the "way out".  We want and wish for things to improve in the world, to end conflict and suffering but one must first ask a question, and keep asking in order to come upon how one finds ones way "in" in order to find ones way home through the "way out".

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Making of the Individual #131

The brain will only become to operate like the environment it is exposed to as in language, region, hemisphere, culture etc., it will accept is as a form of survival.  Just as intelligence--its soul purpose is to survive in balance and vitality. As the brain begins to interpret speech over and over it begins to respond by memorizing and collecting this information through the repetitive exposure to speech.  In brief, the brain now is reliant on information to survive, although superficially because intelligence is keeping it alive and functioning.  As information is a fragmented piece of structure, if you will, it narrows the scoop and perception of its world.  The Individual is born as this window narrows--see the parallel between our single and individual mindedness and a fragmented structure as we function as if separate from everything around us. We struggle to maintain our connections with others and stay there, but it is difficult when the perception in the brains has grown narrow and limited and as information mounts we think there is no one on the planet like us, acts like us etc.  The individual will accept the ideas and image to further strengthen this egotistic and superficial reality.  And why not?...It is familiar, and its not a matter of right and wrong.  See it as you read this which IS that information in memory being interpreted off the screen, see how limited it is, how it must be structured in a familiar way to read and comprehend.  If not, it becomes gibberish and incomprehensible.  Do we not rely on information, which is fragmented and limited?  Are we not conditioned with the same exposure input regardless of culture, region, race etc.?  Do we see that structure creates Individuals by its very nature; it sees one thing over and over for comfort and security because it isn't connected to anything intelligent around it so it remains isolated within the Individual.  Can someone, please, add to this--I've been told all the criticizing stuff already.  If you observe this then there is no debate merely expansion as  I/we seek to transcend our limited perception of existence.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Just a Thought--
We've heard many times, "Give me an answer."  Now, listen to that very closely, what is it telling the listener to do?  It implies to give them what they already find familiar, tradition, known, excepted etc.  Yes?  Or perhaps you've heard, "Answer me!" in a heated moment.  Still, the same implies; to give what is basically familiar or anticipated.  So then, where is there room to just reply as one wishes, with a freedom to reply with the insight and wisdom you've discovered?  Is not the basic "question-answer" format limited?  There is nowhere to think clearly or beyond the structure of its anticipations and conclusions.  Wouldn't you like to just reply without searching for an answer?  I wonder if you're searching for the right answer to this now.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Word Wisdom#3

Just a Thought--
Often we hear the word "wisdom" used when we think we know something that is of value socially to the youth.  One might hear, "Work hard and study, be respectful and trustworthy and life becomes easier."  Something along those lines.  But let us not confuse Wisdom and Knowledge which is tradition.  There is social wisdom which is 'do as we teach' (generally) and wisdom which is a discovery of the self.  This form of wisdom is a form of fundamental change within oneself which is far reaching and everlasting.  You can't just read this and make a comparison, you have to already be living it, now as you read.  You must already observe and know which is which to respond.

Direct as a Child

Just a Thought—

When was the last time you were told to your face by an adult “I don’t like you.”?  It’s simple and straight forward, like when we were children.  As adults we get offended, feel rejected or protective and possibly lash out, but directness is a form of clarity within the relationship.  There is no guesswork—what needs expressing is said and that’s it as children do.  Although the message might sting for a moment, it should be appreciated for its blunt summary of the relationship.  This form of directness doesn’t exist much among adults or it does under moments of extreme anger, depression or drunkenness.  How is it that a child can get away with it and we can’t as adults?  It seems because children express themselves with each other without fear of reprisal, recourse or expectation and sadly that comes later as they become conditioned with an adults’ sense of maturity.  Is it just a matter of kids not “knowing any better”?  Don’t we have to look closely at an adults’ interaction to answer if it’s better or not?  Because, observantly, is better the issue or conditioning?  A child isn’t condition yet and we adults are—we’re the ones full of rules, laws, tradition, value, faith, prejudice, fear, belief etc. not the child.  This is not an opinion, rather a simple awareness as I communicate with adults and children.  It then becomes clear if better is the issue or conditioning.  Imagine a world where directness is the “norm”…then do as a child. 

Chasing an Illusion #16

Just a Thought—

This may not sound like what you’re used to hearing, but have you ever questioned weather if what you’re pursuing as a career; politics, business, faith etc. is an illusion?  People are quick to say “no” because the ego doesn’t want to see that it doesn’t know what it’s doing or is in control.  Generally, this is the first reaction, which basically states that they’ve never asked themselves this question and studied it.  What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to say “Yes, I know it’s an illusion, but I understand it’s necessary in this society and that’s it.”  Once that takes place, the awareness is there and one continues on.  It’s only a problem when we don’t understand the origin and action of something which basically implies the “origin” as a concept, “action” as learning and effect, and “outcome” a conclusion or result.  So, is becoming a Doctor or Business Professional an illusion?  Remember to watch if you respond egotistically, if not, then there is a clear awareness and understanding of the creation of illusions.  Because once you see it within you then there is no need to defend it—there is a difference.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Hungry Lion #2

Just a Thought--
You see a lion chasing a young baby dear and you're in a position to scare the lion away so save the deer.  Do you?  Suppose you do, and think "I saved it from certain death."  Then you turn to see the mother lion walking back to four hungry baby cubs.  Then what?  It is not our place to intervene with natures way of which we are a part.  I've wondered why we can't let it be because we can't stop  this cycle with our form of self involved preservation.  We can only understand it and then we see what must be done and why we wanted to save the deer.

Judgment is??#8

Just a Thought--
Ask someone to explain what Judgment is, but they can't start by saying "Well, it's when..."  and they can't ask "What do you mean?"  Explain these simple rules first because without them I've discovered how crippled we are when it comes to directly identifying with it.  Remind them after their first attempt that we're not asking 'when it might occur', rather, what is actually taking place which forms what judgment "is".   Because if we can't see, touch or associate with it with the wholeness of ourselves via knowledge, science or awareness then why are we so quick to say, "I'm not judging you?"  Without this simple understanding, how do we rid ourselves of conflict at the root?  

A Single Want#5

Just a Thought--
What we 'want" from the world is harming us because what we "need" is dying or polluted.  Have you noticed?  When we buy a car, we want it but in exchange we harm the environment.  One single "want" leads to a larger harm.  Do we think of that at the lot? No, because the "want" is more important in the immediate short-term while in the long-term we all suffer.  It's maddening how we don't put as much effort in our "needs" as we do in our "wants".

U Think Too Much#4

Just a Thought--
To be told 'you think to much' is a measure of intolerance, impatience or misinterpretation of the message trying to be presented.  One might as well say "I don't understand what you're saying."  You think too much!?  Is that even possible?  How much thought can run out of the mind?  Only one word at a time, right?  What does that have to do with quantity?  We have to look past vague and misguided statements to stay observant to the subject at hand which is always our existence and socializing.  The root will always be attached to a flower.  Patience is key when someone thinks so little, but we need not say it.

From Afar#1

Just a Thought--
If you look at a person you don't know from afar, what would you write about them?  What would you write that was actual fact?  This is the trick--what will you write that isn't based on a reflection of yourself?  If you are thin and they are larger, will your reply with "Look that guy is fat and I am not, he's nothing like me."  Is that not a reflection of ones convictions  about self-image and appearance?  How does one come to this conclusion without the self reacting?  The moment you put pen to paper the reflection of the self begins to write, not the thing we see.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Comes First#129

There are those who are actively involved with their immediate and surrounding communities and then there those who are not.  But, that's fine because perhaps they're involved with things you are not which is just as powerful in them and silent in you.  This is an amazing way or variable of behavior that most don't consider or recognize within their interaction.  Do you really think that someone is one dimensional?  They're only as you see them?  Such as sarcastic, energetic, boring, fun loving etc.  I think most of us can see past such simple labeling or characterization, but what's behind the action?  Isn't it a quick and immediate form of rejecting something we assume is different, unknown or unrelated to our superior, better or acceptable images?  If this isn't so them why the rejection?  Why the immediate placing of a label without explanation?
Even if we don't know the person; sure it is also a form of identifying and then there is a comparison which takes place, otherwise, how do we come to conclusion?  Are we bothered with that?  Is that important enough to explain to our children as they grow?  Isn't that ironic that the school systems don't have a Human Behavior class which is mandatory throughout public schooling?  It seems important enough to go along with Gym, Government, Math etc.  Yes, Education in a system is necessary, but we know more about making and competing for money then how to interact.  We seem to learn that long after the impressionable years of our youth, when we are very receptive to learning and our attention is unwavering.  If we're concern with the future, then what's important should come first for the children and not just education of a system.

What I Learned Today#128

"Of the conditioned mind, I didn't learn anything today."
B) You say that like you're disappointed.  
"Well, because the conditioned entity is an image, false and gets us into trouble, because it is trouble--it doesn't need to know more, but understand what it already knows." 
B) Hmm! That makes some sense.
"Some sense?  It doesn't make any sense because it is either so or it isn't. Do we not create kaos and conflict with what we seek and learn?  Does not a frustrated man commit some form of social violence, either mentally or physical?"
B) Hmm! I would say yes, that's true.
"True!?! This is not about Truth or Obedience to the rules and value of society. I said, I didn't learn anything today!  And I'm glad I didn't because then I'd be subtly contributing to the disorder and conflict."
B) What about all the good things that humans have learned like Medicine, Psychology and Science and stuff?
"Nothing wrong with that now under this condition and they have there place, but more importantly they're responses to the initial conflict and kaos.  We wouldn't need them if progress we're not a coercive direction for humanity which is born of power and control."
B) What do you mean by that?
"Simply put, the more we move away from nature, we move towards the unfamiliar or unknown...things the human form finds unrelatable or foreign."
B) Hmm!  Then I don't think I've learned anything today, too.
"Are you just being sarcastic?"
B) You should understand what you teach.
"But when am I ever unaware?"
B) Shut-up! He thought.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is Belief replacing?#77

What is Belief replacing?  Has anyone ever asked you this strange question?  Have you asked yourself?  Not many of us want to ask or ask ourselves because change or giving up something is always at risk.  So don't ask, don't tell.  This is a bad idea and action for a society--nothing "changes" with silence.  So, what then is Belief replacing?  What is it masking or hiding?  Do we even think we're hiding with belief or just believing in something and that's that?  Mostly just believing in something, right?  We just believe in something and don't question it's origin, effects or social outcome and if so, then what?  Nothing.  We could all be doing just that--believing and being comforted and secure with it.  I was talking with someone about the difference between 'fact' and 'belief', but his confusion was not of an issue, but he'd never addressed either one fully, therefore, I put him in a corner (not on purpose), but it just turned out that way because his justification had so many holes that I just kept filling them in with fact and he had no where to go.  Finally, after I kept pressing him to explain the difference, he looked at me and said, "I'm secure with it" (his beliefs) which I knew all along--I just wanted him to see it.  That was pretty much the end of the talk because I didn't try to change or criticize his  belief, I merely tried to broaden his perspective.  But back to the point.  Lets say you don't believe in anything for a moment, I know its hard, but possible.  What then?  If this is hard to imagine, just look at children before they're old enough to start verbally expressing their opinions, usually around ten or so.  They're pretty straight forward speaking creatures, aren't they?  Don't they say what they understand of their surroundings?  They can look you in the eye without a flinch of self-consciousness and say "I just farted." or "I don't like you anymore" or "Are you pregnant Mrs Jones?"--When she's not.  Yes?  And they don't follow up with a justification of beliefs.  They just say stuff.  Why is that?  It isn't because "they don't know any better" because that's our adult beliefs and expectations and the world haven't given them that yet.  No, no.  This is about the fundamental fact--they haven't yet been given the "beliefs" of social behavior and conduct.  Right?  Yet, in time they'll stop and slowly become a respectful citizen and so on.  Still, there is a distinct social reality between them and us as adults--we believe in a form of social behavior and they don't by default.  We are wearing a mask of sorts, whereby, behind it are beliefs covering up the realities in which we are born which we see in children, that raw, direct energy and social freedom we once enjoyed.  Isn't that true?  Is not everyone looking for freedom from something?  Because without the securing action of "belief" what then?  What's going to happen if we don't believe in anything?  The fact is nothing?  How can I say that?  Because I look at the children and see that it is assured.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Faulty Image#127

Is it possible to really face another person without addressing the image?  Let me explain why we don't actually face each other.  First, we see each other as friends, lovers, partners, wives, husbands, enemies, etc. Don't we?  Are these not all labels and fragments of our images?  For example--we've all been called a name or have yelled one out under situations of calm or irritation.  Yes?  You call someone "stupid" or whatever, but it isn't the raw human being that is insulted or praised.  What actually does the reacting or responding?  Have you really looked at this?  How we just throw images back and forth between us?  Do we ever address the human being underneath all the images?  How do we look at each other?  Our images do all the reacting, not the human being because its true self is dormant.  We don't actually send our children to a human being at school because they won't give them an education.  Yes?  Parents don't say, "We can't wait to meet your new Human."  No, because parents are looking for a Teacher, the image, not the human.  There is always a form of coercion and motivation with image.  Look at your family and friends, don't they all have names, characteristics, habits, desire etc. in which to build an image on?  Right?  Aren't we concerned with addressing the image of the person and not really the human being because then where would the criticism come from?  See, a human without an image understands criticism and therefore lets it die.  Because when we look directly at the human being, we see ourselves which is where we are all equal.  Are we not looking for equality?  Don't we have all these rules and regulations, procedures, rights, culture, history etc, in order to find equality?  Is the ever changing image making that happen?  Is this not an unstable thing?  One that keeps changing to fit it's own needs?  Don't we change our minds to protect our image when necessary?  We've all said something we shouldn't have or have changed our minds to protect our beliefs, value, family, face, nation, church, etc.  Of course, because something built on the minds projections will falter from its' weak foundation as it struggles to survive.  In short, the only way to function face to face is without the barriers of image between us.  A grounded human will observe and live that.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bully#126

There has been a great deal said about the act of Bullying from one child, youth or adult to another and what to do about these acts.  Lets look closely at what is taking place in all of us, first, before we single-out an individual as if they've acted individually.  Have they?  Have they really acted on their own without understanding the process of their condition being considered in the outcome of their actions?  Who can step forward and express a clear understanding of themselves, let alone sort out the cause of the Bully?  Yes, it must be address, but not on an individual basis because what exactly is created on its own in our culture? How does the Bully first get exposed and associate with teasing or violence?--Television, video games, friends, movies, school playground, sports, brothers and sisters arguing etc.  Do we see this?  And while all this exposure is taking place, is the Bully being informed as to all the circumstances; the rights and wrongs, the history, the reality of it,  etc.? When I was watching cartoons two feet from the screen, my parents weren't explaining the violence, explosions, crashes etc.  We were just allowed to watch--simple.  So the Bully is bombarded with images and concepts they can't sort out because there is a lack of constant history or explanation for them to grasp onto.  It sounds simple, but the mind will stop and think of its actions and consequences if it has something there to contemplate--for instance, if you drive a car too fast something bad might happen.  Yes?  We know that because we've been told, as simple of that, and those who don't stop and think of those consequences will suffer.  Just as the Bully is suffering under the weight of its burden-of- misunderstanding of social interaction and the greatness and vastness a our society.  Is it not surprising that most Bullies are young and inexperienced in our society?  As not many adults are without a moment irrational behavior.  We must understand that the Bully was born into this society where bullying already exists and was then thrust upon them.  BE AWARE--this goes beyond "It starts with the parents."  It's goes deep into the observance of that which creates and forms the Bully within us socially before its transferred to them.