Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ipid "Voices" Pt 1

Ipid constantly hears voices telling him to seek out the image put into his head.  This man would help him with his pain and suffering.  Finally, one day he leaves his village in search of the man who would change his life for the better.  He walks a day and a half in the hot sun to the next village.  After describing the image to people he spoke with, he's directed back in the direction he had come.  Tired, he spends the night in the streets.  The next morning he starts back, walking in the sun.  Stopping to rest a half a day, he meets a man, and again describes the image; this man also points back the way he had come.  Excited, he begins walking a half day in the sun, finally arriving back at his village.  Puzzled he asks one of the villagers if he recognizes the image he's describing.  The villager answers "Yes" then points towards Ipids house.  Thinking this man is in his house, Ipids runs with joy in his steps, and a smile on his lips.  Bursting inside he sees only the empty room exactly the way he left it.  In frustration he sits on the ground to think; just then a neighbor walks by his open door and asks "Ipid, you fool!  Are you going to sit there another three days meditation??"