Sunday, June 18, 2017

Two Cents of The Hypothetical

 The Hypothetical is a word that implies something (concept, image, belief, faith, goals etc.) that are dreamt, conjectured, theorized or imaged in order to justify or clarify a position, belief, faith, theory of the past, present or future desire. Such that the mind, which is conditioned to create hypothesis, views the world as hypothetical and unrelatable.

  • The hypothetical dreams, imagines, and creates conjecture and is neither a factual, rational reality. 
  • The hypothetical is conjectured, unavailable information on its theories, interpretations, power, control, manipulation, fear, debate, coercion etc.
  • The hypothetical are baseless concepts, images of a mind in motion between the past and future. Something in constant motion has no direction - is wayward.
  • The hypothetical, a mind unsure of the present, will draw upon the hypothetical as the representation and justification of its worldview.
In our observance, anything that is without natural, intelligent universal support or connection, flounders in its own imagining which requires support or it will collapse from its own terms of hypothesis. 
Seek knowledge as a tool to wisdom and the world of hypothesis shows itself to be illusory. Be mindful.