Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dust to Dust#79

The title of this work is familiar, but I've never asked anyone to explain their interpretation and nor have I been asked, but I'd like to express my interpretation.  However, if you follow this blog you know I'll speak as factually as possible because the title work, in my observance, comes from a very observance psychological and social awareness.  One my say it stems from a belief in how we see ourselves in a world of evolution as in we come from the earth, live and return to it.  I'm sure there is much more to say, but I'd just like to get to my awareness--you can find out what you want on your own.  I'm not going to talk of my understanding, because it's not that, what we understand, but what we see or observe in our actions.  We are born and from that beginning we accumulate information in forms of education, so called experiences, memories, fears etc. but then what?  Well, we just carry it around until we die or go to heaven.  Sounds simple, but that's about it, it isn't complicated.  Think about those people living naturally who tend a farm and raise animals and pass on to the next generation what they know of that life.  It's not a matter of comparing our lives to theirs because it doesn't make much of a difference, we basically do the same thing, right?  Don't we learn, experience and pass it on the next generation?  Sure, we do, it's how you know what you know and understand at this moment.  Anyway, I've found that we don't always express our potential as human beings, simply because we're not in an environment for "all" of us to do so--there are various social barriers put here and there and you know them.  This is why we must take every opportunity to express what we've accumulated thus far in our lives, spread whatever wisdom you've accumulated whenever possible.   By the way wisdom isn't education or knowledge in a traditional sense.  Why wisdom?  Because the next person you meet might need to hear it--if some stranger or friend hasn't ever told you "I've never heard it said like that before", "I'm glad you said that" or "I was proud of you for doing that."  Then perhaps you're being too safe, concerned about hurting someone's feelings (then don't and choose other words) or appearing weird.  Remember, there is always a small or big price to pay for being outside the social norm.  Let's look at it this way--whatever wisdom you've discovered, it isn't yours in the first place, it was given to you as a riddle in the form of information.  It is meant to spread because it is within us already waiting to be set free.  You've unravelled this information which is the "I", "you" or "mine" and now you've come upon a depth of wisdom which cannot be contained, so why not spread it at all times because the next person might need to hear what we need to spread.  Thus, creating a trigger in their search towards wisdom born from the dust.