Tuesday, August 11, 2015

You Think Too Much#72

You "think" too much.  Years ago someone told me this during a discussion.  I'd never been told that before so I meditated on it.  I don't remember the exact conversation, but I replied, "If you don't you'll just follow".  It was the first think that came to mind, also it was relevant.  
I felt defensive for a moment which was hidden in my response, however, no need to retaliate for someone speaking their mind. Still, it struck me odd, these words represented a large part of society who have trouble understanding themselves, which happens when we deny self-observance.
How do you understand working on a car when you don't study it?   The mind is similar as it invented the car.  I thought, "how did she come to this conclusion?"  And how is it possible to "think" too much?  That's not really the issue... 
They didn't understand themselves enough to say, "I don't understand you or why you think the way you do because I don't understand me."  The reaction to someone who seems to analyse 'every little thing' is merely observant and reaching their potential as humans.  The mind does expand without resistance or imitation. But, please, don't think too much.  www.osho.com