Friday, July 21, 2017

Value Overview

Value is a serious social issue, meaning, through culture, belief and tradition, humans have socialized value. For example; truths, beliefs, images, hierarchy, power, social class, ethnicities etc. These values are beloved, cursed, desired, divisive and conflictive. The latter is intrinsic to all cultures at some level, but none more divisive and violent than in industrialized countries.

Acquiring Value

  • Be aware that value isn't a choice, as we are born into its culture.
  • As we mature, that value becomes our truths, beliefs, faith, fears, property, goals and love. 
  • As the conscious mind forms, 'value' is socially enforced and perpetuated by parents, friends, politicians, teachers, media or the general social environment. 
  • During the conditioning process, (teaching and learning) as we become individuals, we see how value socially interacts and dictates how others are accepted in our lives because competitive, industrialized humans question if who or what is accepted, a threat, or an aid to survival.
Devaluing value
  • As a reaction, meaning, to protect ones beliefs, truths, faith, culture, and tradition then value is violent and divisive without being physical. 
  • Ask if this reaction to materials, social status, property, beliefs etc. is more important than being without conflict and division with another.
  • Many times one wonders, what can be done to cease violence, conflict, and division? The solution lies in understanding the process of value which doesn't mean 'who you are and stand for' is gone forever, just the reaction