Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm Not Judging You

"I'm not judging you." In our living circumstance, there is nothing so vile as to utter these words, either defensively or jovially. What is the peril of judging someone? If we are mindful, we all do it, no matter what our image/ego thinks.

The process of judgment:

  1. Generally, there must be two opposing entities; human to human and not necessarily in conflict.
  2. These entities must contain something of value; faith, belief, image, goal, fear, insecurities etc. (that which is judged).
  3. In this conditioned state, judgment then is reactionary, not a matter of right and wrong - that is socialization or obedience.
  4. Therefore, "I'm not judging you." is a comparative reaction from a conditioned state in which we are unaware, until now. 
Now What?
  1. Expand on what is written above...
  2. See and be mindful of reaction and how it forms in our relationships and observe it in our rejections and acceptance of each other as these are the end results of comparisons.  
  3. Be mindful and listen when you or someone utters, "I'm not judging you." It is but a comparison, as the mind/we are conditioned to react thusly. 
  4. Be mindful that the comparison/reaction is but the mind rejecting the image undesired of itself.
  5. Finally, understand that we all judge and be done with it.