Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Intelligence and Intellect#14

Don't you hate misleading or setup questions like--Hey!  You're smart aren't ya?  How do I open this CD case?  You answer; when you find out, let me know.  Still, is "smart" a form of intellect?  Doesn't it imply one has acquired knowledge about this or that?  These faucets of knowledge are call them parents, lawyers, doctors, politicians, commanders, teachers, friends, ex-lovers etc.  Everyone has a bit of knowledge which is relative to something.  Some act as thought the info is important to our survival, and some might be, but is that what's actually taking place?  Is "knowledge" perpetuating our survival or just creating conflict and sorrow on the planet?  Think about it.  No! Observe it.  Everything man has created is in conflict with us.  Its obvious we can't control what we make with decisions NOT based on pure intelligence.  Why?  Isn't that important to understand about "knowledge"?  What it creates?  Not how progressive it is.  Now, suppose we acted purely on intelligence, then what?  First, we must be clear of the difference, and then we can act or is there an action to intelligence?  Oh!  My, that's good.  Is there?  Yes, there is, but it acts without conflict or progression.  For example; when we judge someone or something, which are we actually using?  Intellect or Intelligence?  We spend millions of dollars sending our children and adults to school to become knowledgeable which, thereby, is supposed to build the intellectual.  Isn't judgment a by-product of knowledge?  In that, one is so knowledgeable, he or she compares another unworthy of being their intellectual equal because of the dreaded actions of "judgment" which are based on "knowledge". 
Lets take the same "act of judging" and apply it to intelligence.  Again, what is the difference?  See for yourself.  Intelligence is beyond the simple and limited act of comparison--does not "intelligence" imply energy, something without foreign influence?  Something beyond our human teachings?  How would "intelligence" act?  Well, how does a baby, puppy, a flower, grass, water, air, trees, bees, birds, body, etc, act?  They seem to get along intelligently.  Simple.  They act without judgment, without a single knowledgeable word from a human.  Makes me wonder when I hear; "there's intelligent life out there somewhere".  Out there is here.  Do we see how intellect clouds our intelligence?