Monday, February 16, 2015

Energy and Waste#12

What is energy in its purist form?  How would I know outside of my physical form?  I would not, it is not a knowable thing.  True, everything is energy and pure.  This energy is intelligence, functioning to keep itself, not "me", alive as long as possible or rather, free of conflict.  Conflict is bad, and I won't go into it.  No, wait!  I do have to because it is the root of "waste", of energy that is.  How?  Well, lets take an outside view at it in the form of pets.  First, in the process, we want one, then prepare the house, assign duties as to who does what or picks-up what.  Then we pick it up, and immediately confine it to the barriers of the house, apartment, cage or tank.  These limits are a reflection of our state--if we are conditioned to limits, then we will express that limitation onto our pets.  Don't be upset if this doesn't match your ideal image of "loving" and taking care of a pet.  We're just looking.  However, this is the meaning and most importantly, the physical actions of "waste".  We waste energy by limiting its' expression, however, good our intentions may be.  
Is a dog really a dog at full expression while pacing in the house or backyard?  Is a bird fully functioning sitting in a cage in the living-room, unable to spread his wings?  Are we free "human beings" when filled with images, beliefs, faiths, politics, power, money, pride or ego?  Surely, we as creatures are not expressing ourselves freely with full intelligence in a world governed by authority.  These are not questions of agreement, but ones of observance in our systematic lives.  
What happens when the pets behavior reaches past the limits we set for it?  We see, there may be verbal assaults, physical violence, suddenly dropping it by the highway, giving it away--you get the idea.  We generally work at placing the animal back within our limits because we are "its" authority.  See it when you are limited or wasting energy, as you are told by some form of authority "when", "how" and "why" you can't do or say something  And, please, don't let your ego get in the way of observing this now.  Just look at how you feel and have felt--as soon as the thought rises, that's the limitation or waste.  It blocks the energy from flowing freely, causing you to pause and "think" of a counter measure.  Do you see?...Once something of intelligence is stopped, it ceases to function.  We've experienced it--you can't do this or that, therefore, you think of some way around or through it.  Why?  Because the human being is bursting inside to be free of wasteful behavior, which is why we resist and protest so feverishly--the intelligence is trying to flow but keeps getting wasted by limits.  That felt good.