Sunday, November 16, 2014

Acceptance #1

What is actually "accepting" that which is being accepted?  Basically, we accept that which isn't a threat, meaning, a person or object that in some form or another makes us feel threatened or uncomfortable.  Right?  Do we see this?  We see someone, it doesn't matter who, and we immediately get that "feeling", strong or subtle.  You know that feeling when you're with your friends and another friend introduces a new person to the circle, after some time with this person you find you didn't get a vibe.  To bad.  Why?  You didn't have to, maybe they didn't either.  No harm no foul?  Well, socially it is a foul because at some level we all want or need (but we don't use the "n" word in conversation, we leave that to psychologists ) because survival is within the group.  This is a fact, isn't it?  What do you feel when you've been tossed from a group?  (My definition is two or more of you.)  We feel like dung, don't we?  We feel rejected, alone, confused, depressed, unworthy and sometimes quite happy.  Sure sometimes it takes getting kicked out for us to open our eyes and realize the group was making you unhappy or miserable.  Okay, lets get a little more serious.  See this--if you saw you walking down the street, coming in your direction, you stopped in front of you, stared for a moment and then began to talk.  I'm addressing this like this for a reason, no kidding, right?  But what do I mean by this?  You facing you, what does that have to do with acceptance?  Well, with a stranger or friend you're never sure what's going to come out of their mouth--is it going to end our friendship or perpetuate it in the moment?  We all know friendships, whatever kind, either extend or die in small present moments--you can be friends for 50 yrs and poof,  you're done after a few unpleasant words.  We see this just in divorce rates alone.  Back to facing you.  Now, since your facing yourself, you already know that everything coming out of your head is accepted, all the years of being with you have paid off, you can finally be with yourself, well, once you've found it.  How nice.  Do we see this?  The process of acceptance is always an action from within, that which is being accepted always sifts through our own image, ego, beliefs etc.  Do you see this?  Once the object doesn't appear to be a threat, acceptance is assured.  Selfishly, however, it's the reflective action of ourselves.  Why?  Because we are already accepting unto ourselves and non-threatening--there is no danger.  Simply, I accept I.  Did that go by too fast?  Try it this way--the process of acceptance is always waiting to see itself in the other person or object.  What?  Yes, that's right.  Because self preservation is the action of intelligence, not rational thought (that's too slow), acceptance is the root and primitive action of keeping us alive.  Because the human being will absolutely not accept anything (knowingly) that threatens it's existence, no matter how simple a "friendship" may seem, our intelligence will not allow it.  You do see this, right?  A friendship forms within the act of acceptance, which are reflections of yourself.  What intelligent thing accepts anything other than itself, now that is total assurance of survival.  Think on this--is it even possible to know someone...else?  (Sounds simple, but...)