Friday, December 8, 2017


In a modern world, Desire is motivated by image, ego and the progressive mind of thought. A mind that moves forward within its own isolated action or security. The mind is along so goals and wants are a security for the image and ego.  

  • To desire something outside of our natural intelligence is never to have a connection with it.    We are then left with a Desire for a life and fulfillment in order to escape the emptiness, fear, misunderstandings, expectations, uncertainty and doubts of cultured living.
  • If we were born among the trees, an action (not desire) would be relevant to the environment and so would motivation.  No conflict would arise. We would be intelligently fetch water, hunt and eat, for instance, because it is relative to ourselves, others and environment.  There is no fear in that.
  • We would not Desire it because we would never have been without it in a natural realm of plenty.  A Desire is of that which is unfulfilled, empty or a substitute for reality and intelligence. 
  • To be with desire is a separation and with it a completeness. 
The danger of desire is when it is not recognized. Take note of your actions and see what is worth your attention and not.

(Self-help) Belief and Afterlife

The process of belief is more important than the belief itself as one thing comes before the other in a progressive mind. Should we not become aware, the outcome of our actions is illusory.

This is an example of progressive thinking which is our conditioned state.  In the mind, one thing comes before the other, like exposure to language before learning to speak, read, and write- a progression.     
  • The Afterlife is created by illusions of life, minds without contact and unsatisfied with Life as it has been present (conditioned). Thus we look forward to the promise of an afterlife as the present is dissatisfying, stagnant, boring, regretful etc. (meaning the state of man, not individual comforts via choices). 
  • But suppose we are Life (connected)? Then it is not a question of belief or a desire to be fulfilled. Subconsciously and consciously, why is Life so dissatisfying that an afterlife is required? Disconnection?
  • Thus, a mind guided by the belief that Life ends will require an afterlife to fill the emptiness and pain from the limits of living, as it is presented/conditioned.    
Observe for ourselves. If one is disconnected with Life then there is only the struggle and hope of the afterlife. And a Life-connected requires the intelligent source of Life to which it is connected. As Life is a continuance, not an ending.