Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Immaterial Peripherals

We live a social reality where relationships are impossible with the embodiment of peripherals created by images. That which we do not realize or understand hurts us. But we can be aware.

  1. Common relationships are born of tradition or peripheral, meaning the outskirts which hinder real connection. We relate to peripherals via image, belief, desire, knowledge, truth, and expectation. The accumulative of a peripheral is that which you think is you, what you've been told, believe, value, or have faith in.  Peripheral, the things that corrupt relationships or falsely sustain them.
  2. A relationship is impossible when we want it, desire it, or are promised it.  It can't be given because it is only obtained through a natural cooperation - we are born with the intelligence to interact, it is natural, peripherals are not.  
  3. Compare a childhood relationship when no peripherals stood between you; it was an innocent, direct and joyous time.  And the more we developed, the more peripherals collected within the relationship and the more complicated relationships became.  

Peripherals become the relationship, the things we decide on and manage, yet these things are not a natural or intelligent cooperation. See it for yourself - what creates, confounds or destroys a relationship, but the peripherals?  We've all argued before, but about what...peripheral?  See it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Understanding Hate

Hate is not merely the conclusive reaction of dislike or unacceptance, rather divisions of the mind or one's persona. Humans unconsciously accept, via conditioning, social mechanisms (beliefs, faith, individuality, responsibility etc.) which are the basis of reaction or you. 
  • Generally speaking, as the reaction to hate rises, there is always a preceding action which confronts or contradicts our ego/belief/ faith etc., which incurs the reaction or sense of hate.
  • This contradiction initiates from someone or the social environment (politics, faith, school, culture or religion).  
  • The hateful reaction is merely the end result of the accumulation of who you are (self/mind/ego). And this reaction, which is you, is under threat and hates to be disturbed or threatened.
  • Being disturbed is hearing rational that cannot be defended, justified or understood. But deeper (subconsciously), the ego is fearful of being without its life-long security and social comfort. 
Be mindful, hate is a reflection of the human condition, not each other. Therefore, it is wise to understand that hate, without understanding and observing its origin and, thus, reaction is hating ourselves as Human Beings...which doesn't help.